Can You Save Charlie and His Crew?

A climber from the 1939 expedition considers the task ahead.
A climber from the 1939 expedition considers the task ahead.

With Charlie Houston and his team stuck high on the slopes of K2, your mission—should you choose to accept it—is to battle your way up the mountain to deliver supplies, reinforcements, or at the very least some words of encouragement from loved ones who stayed home by the fire.

To accomplish this task, you’ll need the skills of an expert mountaineer. And if that seems beyond you, try a few well-crafted Google searches.

You’ll start at the town of Skardu, 90 miles from K2. From there, each clue you encounter will lead to another resource you’ll need to climb the mountain—people, gear, climbing tactics, and dangers you’ll need to protect against. Each answer serves as a password to unlock the next clue and send you to the next camp on your journey.

You’ll need to do research to find many of the answers, but don’t hesitate to take a guess: Wrong answers get you hints. The hints will give you words to search for.

A few letters will stand out in the clues along the way. Write them down. You’ll need them in the end. And don’t forget to check your progress by expanding the map on each clue page.

Good luck, and, as Dee Molenaar loved to say, “Berg Heil!” Say hello to Charlie for me when you get there.

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