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Book cover for Into the Clouds by Tod Olson

Into the Clouds

The Epic Story of a High-Mountain Rivalry

In the 1930s and ‘50s, three American expeditions raced to conquer K2, Earth’s second-highest mountain. One ended in frustration. Another devolved into tragedy. Charlie Houston led the third to 25,000 feet, where a vicious storm and a sudden illness put his expedition on the edge of disaster—and turned his quest to conquer a mountain into one of the most stirring rescue missions ever.

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"A tale more thrilling and suspenseful than any work of fiction." — Lauren Tarshis, author of the bestselling I Survived series
"An absolute must-have for all readers looking for well-researched and gripping adventure nonficiton." — School Library Journal, starred review
"Gripping, well-researched, superb entertainment." — Kirkus
"This non-stop action adventure is narrative non-fiction at its best." — School Library Connection

Do you have what it takes to climb the second-highest mountain on Earth? Test your research skills on the slopes of K2.

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Words of Praise

"I just want to say that I LOVE your books! Normally I hate reading and not just not liking books but I HATE reading books I can't stand them but when I read your books they are amazing." —Finley, Lebanon, OR

"I have been teaching English for 23 years, and I have never seen this type of involvement in a book. We are changing our views on non-fiction text in the English classroom. WhoooDeeeeWhooo!" —Shirley Davis, 8th grade ELA teacher, Hahira, GA

"I am Keaton and me and my friend Ben are sending you this because we have read your thrilling story Lost In The Pacific, 1942. YOU ARE AN AWESOME WRITER." —Keaton, 5th grade, Hamilton, MI

"Your books are flying off the shelf in my classroom. When your latest book came out, I had to order multiple copies or we would have a riot in my classroom." —Joy Kooyer, 3rd grade teacher, Holland, MI

"I am about to turn 12 years old this year. The thing I am going to ask my mom for a birthday present is Lost in the Amazon. Tod Olson I love your books and I hope you keep making more." —Danny, Whitman, NE

"I resumed reading Lost in the Pacific last night and did NOT fall asleep until I turned the last page. I loved it. Your language was sophisticated, you didn’t flinch with the gory details and the story was fascinating." —Carol Stoltz, Porter Square Books, Cambridge, MA

With Every Journey Comes a Risk

“A dramatic, intensely compelling narrative… A riveting, completely engrossing true survival story.” — Kirkus, starred review of Lost in the Pacific
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Lost in the Antarctic by Tod Olson

Lost in the Antarctic

The Doomed Voyage of the Endurance

Twenty-eight men are stranded on an ever-shifting ocean of ice. The nearest outpost of civilization lies 1,000 miles away across the most dangerous seas on the planet. So begins one of the most harrowing survival stories ever.

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Cover of Lost in the Pacific, 1942 by Tod Olson

Lost in the Pacific, 1942

The dramatic true story of survival that captivated a nation at war

A B-17 bomber runs out of fuel on a secret wartime mission and heads for a crash-landing in the Pacific Ocean. Eight men. Three inflatable rafts. Sixty-eight million square miles of ocean. What will it take to make it back alive?

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Cover of Lost in Outer Space by Tod Olson

Lost in Outer Space

The incredible journey of Apollo 13

A crippled spaceship, 200,000 miles from home. A team of Earth-bound engineers, pushed to their limits to bring three astronauts back. A 16-year-old daughter, left to wonder if her father will make it home alive.

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Lost in the Amazon by Tod Olson

Lost in the Amazon

A Battle for Survival in the Heart of the Rainforest

A roiling storm engulfs a plane high above the Amazon. Lightning strikes, and suddenly, 17-year-old Juliane Koepcke is alone, strapped to her seat and plunging 3,500 feet to the forest floor.

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How to Get Rich

The Series

The fun, fascinating, long-lost journals of three young Americans (okay, imaginary young Americans) who set out to make their fortunes on the open road.

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